Home and Office Window Tinting by Melbourne Tint. 

Window films offer plenty of opportunity for retrofitting your home or office premises and making it more energy efficient, as well as more liveable. You can choose to reduce the glare from outside, provide an extra layer of protection against heat/cool loss, shield against UV rays, and much more. In terms of physical protection, you may even prefer a security film (which protects against breakage) or a safety film (which protects against glass cut injury, ensuring the glass breaks in the least hazardous way). The choices you make for office or home window tinting at your Melbourne property will depend on a number of different factors, including which way your windows face, how large they are, whether they’re floor to ceiling windows, and what you want to protect inside your property.

At Melbourne Tint, we work with a wide range of different films from the world’s leading brands, including 3M. We are more than happy to customise a solution to suit you; for example you may choose decorative films for your business’ interiors, and solar film for exterior windows which face onto office spaces. Or, for your house window tinting, you could choose one type of film for the windows which face the street or which get the most sun, and another type for the windows which are less affected. If you would like more detailed information about the products available or our installation service, or a free no-pressure onsite quote, feel free to contact David at Melbourne Tint - send me an email is probably best because if I am up a ladder I may not be able to answer your call